Rishi & Srikanth P.A (the Company) founded in 2005 is a multi-faceted medical practice head quartered in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Its primary practice is treating patients in hospitals and at their staffed and managed clinics. These are located in Central Florida and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The physician staff are primarily specialists in internal medicine, Infectious disease and Endocrinology.

In addition to this successful practice employing over 20 doctors, the Company has recently started a medical software division (“software division”). This software division is developing software products encompassing:

  • Patient Interaction
  • Medical transcription system

    These systems are vital to medical practices due to the present regulatory environment and the necessities of good business practices in a competitive marketplace.

    Rishi & Srikanth P.A, has a successful medical practice working in both hospitals and their own clinics. They are expanding their operations by establishing a software division that will provide medical practices with needed operational and regulatory software solutions. They have contracted with the H-1B applicant to serve as software developer. This hire and the support of RSPA will enable the software division attain sound financial results. They will also benefit the local community by purchasing goods and services from local merchants and hire local workers.